Why I'm Running

Aloha! I’m Randy Gonce, your candidate for State House of Representatives, standing strong for real progress on our toughest issues. First and foremost I am a passionate Public Servant. That is why service is at the core of our campaign. I have learned from 3+ years working at the State Legislature that most of our elected officials have lost their sense of service and only engage in politicking. The results of this has given us a system that works well for a handful of people at the top while the rest of us are scraping by to have a decent quality of life. I am running to bring about a new type of leadership to our state. One grounded in compassion, public service, and policies that benefit ALL of us not just the few. We wont take a dime from corporate interests that hold down our working people. We are a 100% grassroots campaign! Our future depends on this change and the time is now! Join us to return the government to the people! Can I count on your vote?

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